Spend Your Health Care Dollars Wisely

Welcome to the online class, “Spend Your Health Care Dollars Wisely.”

This short online class will help make health care cost secrets more transparent, helping you to save money while being healthier. We’ll show you:

  • How widely costs for the same health service vary,
  • How widespread and possibly dangerous unnecessary tests and
    treatments are,
  • How to find quality health services for less money,
  • Why this is important for both you and our communities,
  • How to advocate, or speak up in your best interest for your right to
    know health costs.

How to Begin

Click the blue “TAKE THIS COURSE” button on the right sidebar to begin the course. You will be prompted to login or register for a new user account. If you already have a Learning Lab account, click “LOGIN”. If you don’t have an account, click “REGISTER NOW” and complete the Registration Form.

Please note, this form is designed for Health Care Providers. Enter N/A for all fields that do not apply to you and select, “Patient/Consumer” for the final field, “Practice/Organization Role”. Click the “COMPLETE” button to submit the form.

If you encounter any issues registering or accessing the course, please email

Who this class is for:

This class is for people who:

  • Use health care,
  • Pay for some part of or all the cost,
  • Want to use their money wisely and better afford their health care,
  • Want to receive effective, high value care.

*If you are uninsured, this class can still be helpful for you. However, you may also want to call the Consumers for Affordable Health Care free, confidential HelpLine to see if there may be a helpful program for you. HelpLine: 1.800.965.7476 or

Class Structure:

This class lets you go at your own pace.  It may take about 90 minutes to finish it.  There are four lessons in this class. You will learn content through:

  • Links to readings, videos, web resources and tools
  • Video lessons
  • Case study activity
  • Pre & post assessments

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this class, you will have gained skills to:

  • Describe the wide variation in costs for the same medical treatment and how to find care that is the best quality for the lowest price for you and your family.
  • Explain problems within our medical system and how to work within the system for better heath, cost savings and more affordable care.
  • Use cost and quality comparison tools.
  • Describe your action plan or list of steps in patient self-advocacy and why it is so important.

Duration & Fee:  FREE

  • Estimated Time to Complete: 90 minutes
  • Certificate of Completion Provided

Hardware/Software Requirements:

  • Computer with Internet connection
  • Current version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser. You must have javascript enabled.
  • The quiz tool within the online modules are not fully compatible with smartphones or tablets. In order to avoid issues, such as answers not being recorded, we recommend using a computer to complete the pre- and post-surveys.

Table of Contents:

  • Course Introduction (Orientation)
  • Test Your Knowledge (Pre-Survey)
  • Lesson 1:  Wide as the Ocean:  Medical Cost Variation & What You Can Do
  • Lesson 2:  What is Health Care Value?
  • Lesson 3: The Cost Value Equation, No Hard Math Required
  • Lesson 4:  Person and Family Centered Care
  • Course Wrap Up (Post-Survey and Evaluation Survey for Certificate of Completion)

Contact Information:

If you are having technical problems (video freezes or is unplayable, can’t print your certificate of completion, etc.) you can submit a Help Request ( to the Learning Lab Team. If you have questions related to the online educational opportunity course content, please email


This learning module is supported by Grant Number 1L1CMS331446-02-00 from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. The contents provided are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of HHS or any of its agencies.


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